Homework for Monday, May 16

Math Skinny Book pages 145-146

Finish pages 407 and 408-started in class.

Finish Religion morning work-worksheet

Study for Math Test on Friday

Reading Test on Friday

Homework for Thursday, May 12

Study for Spelling and Vocabulary Test 

Study for Continents Quiz

  • Students were told to study the booklet that was made earlier in the week
  • You must be able to label the continents and the oceans.

Math-skinny book page 141-142

Spelling Packet- finish the unscramble , work on  pages 1 and 2

Finish Lizzie Escapes-started in class.

Bake Sale 

Homework for Wednesday, May 11

Write words 11 through 15   3 times each

Math skinny book page 140

My View book-Read Out of My Mind and answer questions 1 and 3 on page 29

My View page 37-Spelling

Multiplication sheet 

Homework for Tuesday, May 10

Write words 6 through 10   3 times each – in script- in your spelling section.  This will be homework if it is not finished. 

Spelling packet work on page 3-alphabetical order

Math skinny book pages-138 and 139 

Vocabulary Sentences -one sentence for each of the vocabulary words.

Homework for Monday, May 9

Spelling write each word 3 times each on loose leaf 

Finish writing the first 5 words in script if you did not finish in school

Math Skinny book page 137

Study for Social Studies Test-

Color, cut, and staple the Continents booklet.

Cut along the dark lines.

Spelling and Vocabulary for Out of My Mind

1.    Breath

2.   Image

3.   Product

4.   Heal

5.   Triple

6.   Relate

7.   Medic

8.   Compose

9.   Crumb


11.          Breathe









20.              Tutorial

Vocabulary for Out of My Mind

Frustrated-feeling annoyed at being unable to change something

Cool-interesting or stylish

Confused-unable to understand

Irritable-easily made angry or annoyed

Bothered-annoyed or upset with

Homework for Thursday, May 5

Study for Spelling and Vocabulary

Reading Test on Friday

My View pages 398 and 401

Math Skinny Book 135 and 136

Finish Our Lady of Lourdes

Dress Down $2 for eighth grade

Homework for Wednesday, May 4

Answer the questions for Immigration and Coming to the USA

Complete the Science Crossword Puzzle-will be graded as a quiz.

Finish the Spelling Packet

Study for Science test on Thursday.

Homework for Tuesday, May 3

Study for Math Test on Wednesday

Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions

Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers

Adding mixed numbers

Subtracting mixed numbers

Decomposing fractions and mixed numbers.

Spelling packet-next two pages, finish unscramble if not finished in class.

Study for Science Test on Thursday

Copy the definitions in your ELA Notebook-see below

And write one sentence for each term.

Complete Immigration passage

Be ready to complete the 3 Branches of Government 

Latin Roots

-rupt   break

erupt: break interrupt: break between

-tract   pull, draw

tractor: puller     distract: pull away

aqua   water

aquatic: living in water

-dict say

dictate: tell someone what to do


Unique-unusual; unlike anything else

Monotremes-animals that are mammals but lay eggs

Adaptations-changes that make a plant or animal better suited to an environment

Burrow-dig a hole

Homework for Thursday, April 28

Read and answer the questions for Hurricanes.  This packet will be graded.  Be sure to look over your answers to the entire packet.

Math Additional Practice Pages 127 

Cut out Three Branches of Government-cut on the dotted line – you do not have to do any of the work-we will do it in class

Write each spelling word three times each.

      1. Abrupt

2. Dictate

3. Traction

4. Abstract

5. Erupt

6. Terrain

7. Aquamarine

8. Diction

9. Aquarium

10.                 Dictionary

11.                 Territory

12.                 Aquatic

13.                 Distract

14.                 Attract

15.                 Disrupt

16.                 Interrupt

17.                 Distraction

18.                 Eruption

19.                 Territorial

20.                 Verdict