Thank You First Responders

St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy of Queens recognizes the sacrifices of medical professionals, first responders, spiritual directors, military personnel, teachers, staff, and all essential workers. We pray for their strength, compassion, courage, and safety. We ask God to bless them as they are called to serve their dear neighbors, both friends and strangers. These dedicated professionals are examples of charity and the fulfillment of God’s great commandment of love for one another.

Homework 2/26


  • Reading notes
  • Spelling packet
  • Math worksheet
  • Re-registration form
  • Please bring in your empty water/soda bottle if you haven’t already!

Upcoming Assessments:

  • Prayer quiz this Friday
  • Grammar quiz this Friday
  • Handwriting books due
  • Writer’s Notebook due
  • Math Unit Test 3/3

Tuesday, December 10 Fourth Grade

Homework for Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Math R and P 7-5

Math packet due on Friday.  Students were given some time to work on it in class.

SS complete classwork-see notes that follow*

All students must come to school with 3 sharpened #2 pencils.

Please be sure that each student has some sort of activity for indoor recess.

Bring in  money for Christmas Show Tickets.

*SS-copy the question…Fully answer the question. You will be graded.


What is the difference between an indentured servant and a slave?  Make sure you list

everything you know!


Begin by restating the question.



Tell everything you know about indentured servants:


Happy December!

Homework week of December 2


ELA: RWN p. 146

Spelling: place words in alphabetical order.

Math: pgs. 259-260


Spelling: use words 1-6 in sentences.

Math: pgs. 265-266

Social Studies: Write some special skills or talents you wish you had to go with your honorary title.


Spelling: use words 7-12 in sentences.

Math: pgs: 271-272

Religion: write a paragraph on what  you and your family do during this time of Advent to prepare  for the Birth of our Lord on loose-leaf paper. 


Spelling: write spelling words 3x. Study for Spelling Test.

Math: pgs. 277-278



Week of November 12th


Spelling: Place words in alphabetical order.

Math: pgs. 197-198

Social Studies: Study for test on Friday.


Spelling: Use words 1-6 in sentences.

RWN. p. 129

Math: pgs. 203-204


Spelling: Use words 7-12 in sentences.

Math: pgs. 209-210

Social Studies: Study for test tomorrow.

Thursday November 21 Science Unit Test. Review Study Sheet

Friday November 22nd Math Unit Test chapters 1`-4

Monday November 25th Social Studies Unit Test. Review Study Sheet

Tuesday November 26th Religion Unit Test. Review Study Sheet


Homework Week of October 28


Spelling: place words in alphabetical order.

RWN. Pg. 98

Math: pgs. 163-164

Science: textbook p. 80


Spelling: use words 1-6 in sentences.

Math: pgs. 169-170

Hand Writing: pgs. 32-33

Social Studies: DUE FRIDAY

Ask your parents where your family came from. 

Ask if they know of any special stories about when your family first came to this country. 

Write down some information to share with classmates.


Spelling: use words 7-12 in sentences.

Math: Reteach worksheet Lesson 3-8

Religion: Write 2-3 sentences on ways your are blessed.


Spelling: write words 3x each. Study for Spelling Test.

Math: Worksheet lesson 3-9

Social Studies: read instructions from Tuesday. Due tomorrow.



Next week there will be a Math test on unit 3. 3-1 to 3-9. We will review this week and on Monday and Tuesday. Math test will be on Wednesday.

Next Friday there will be a Social Studies test on Chapter 3.



Homework Week of October 15

Tuesday: There are no new spelling words this week.


RWN. p. 63

Math: pgs. 127-128

Religion: study study sheet for Chapter 2 & 3 test.

Project on Baptism due Next Monday.




RWN. p. 71

Math: pgs. 133-134

Religion : Study and work on project.


Math: pgs. 139-140

Social Studies: re-read pgs. 74-77

Religion: Chapter 2 & 3 test tomorrow.

Have a wonderful week!



Homework Week of October 7th

Homework Week of October 7th


ELA:Place Spelling words in ABC order.

RWN: p. 49

Math: Packet 2-2 


Packet from previous week will be used Tuesday on. Math Test on Topic 2 Friday

Social Studies: Study for Chapter 2 Test. Study sheets and Chapter 2 Lessons 1-3

Test on Thursday

Religion: Work on Baptism Project. Bring in a hanger for in class Sacrament project.



Spelling: use words 1-6 in sentences.

RWN: pg.55

Math:  Packet pgs. 2-4 both worksheets

Math Test on Friday

Religion: Hangers due tomorrow.

Social Studies: Study for Test on Thursday



Spelling : use words 7-12 in sentences.

RWN: p. 59

Math: complete lessons 2-5 of packet.

Please let me know if your child is having difficulty with a topic.

Social Studies: Study for test tomorrow.

Religion: work on Baptism Project. Due 10/21



Spelling : write each word 3x. Test tomorrow

Math: review topic 2. Test tomorrow

Religion: work on project

Begin to study for Religion Test on Friday October 18th Chapters 2 and 3.




Homework 10/3

Religion Project on Baptism due October 21st.

Math :study packet. complete page 1

Math test on Topic 2 Friday 10/11

Spelling: Write words 3x each. Test tomorrow.

Science :test tomorrow.10/4

Social Studies: study sheet sent home today. Test on Chapter 2 10/10.

Handwriting: pgs 16-17