Homework for Tuesday, May 24

Spelling packet pages 2 and 3

The Race-

complete-Main Character and character traits 


Genre and how do you know?

Climax-write the most exciting part

Resolution-what was the problem and how was it solved?

Religion-Complete the morning work that was started in class.  This will be graded for ELA and Religion.

Homework for Monday, May 23

Write each spelling word 3 times each on Loose Leaf

Finish Math Packet on Fractions and Decimals.

Spelling for Mama’s Window

1. Discard

2. Margin

3. Marvel

4. Remark

5. Orchard

6. Portrait

7. Foreign

8. Dormant

9. Format

10.  Permanent

11.   Nervous

12.  Thermal

13.  Purchase

14.  Conserve

15.  Confirm

16.  Absurd

17.  Ardent

18.  Rehearse

19.  Versus

20. Converse

Homework for Thursday, May 19

Study for Math Test

Make sure you know how to do all the skills and problems on the following pages:

In Fat Book: Topic 10 – pages 407 through 410

In Fat Book: Topic 11 – pages 435 through 438

Look over Lizzie Escapes-

Reading test will be similar to Lizzie Escapes.

Homework for Wednesday, May 18

Bring in permission slips for trip and field day

Math Fat Book pages 435 and 436

Math Test on Friday

Reading Test on Friday – Lizzie

Homework for Tuesday, May 17

Math Fat Book pages 437-438

Reading Story Naive Driver

Do Not Do the Back Page

Homework for Monday, May 16

Math Skinny Book pages 145-146

Finish pages 407 and 408-started in class.

Finish Religion morning work-worksheet

Study for Math Test on Friday

Reading Test on Friday

Homework 5/13


  • SAVVAS 14-8
  • Sign & return quizzes
  • Sign & return field trip permission form!

Upcoming Assessments:

  • Math quiz Tuesday
  • Religion test Thursday

Have a great weekend!

Homework for Thursday, May 12

Study for Spelling and Vocabulary Test 

Study for Continents Quiz

  • Students were told to study the booklet that was made earlier in the week
  • You must be able to label the continents and the oceans.

Math-skinny book page 141-142

Spelling Packet- finish the unscramble , work on  pages 1 and 2

Finish Lizzie Escapes-started in class.

Bake Sale 

Homework for Wednesday, May 11

Write words 11 through 15   3 times each

Math skinny book page 140

My View book-Read Out of My Mind and answer questions 1 and 3 on page 29

My View page 37-Spelling

Multiplication sheet