October 25-29, 2021

1st Grade Weekly Newsletter

Math- We will be solving words problems by drawing pictures and writing equations, reviewing, and taking a test on “Topic 2.”

Reading- We will be finishing our first reading series.
This Week’s Sight Words- go, me, for, here, where

Phonics- We will be continuing to review our letters along with their sounds, which are: “v, y, z, qu” and review “all short vowels”.

Grammar- We will be reviewing what a “simple sentence” is.

Listening- We will be reading “Halloween books.”

Writing- We will be continuing to focus on writing our numbers and letters correctly.

Religion- We will be learning about Saints, in honor of “All Saint’s Day.”

Science- We will be dissecting a pumpkin and identifying the life-cycle of a pumpkin.

• This Friday, the students will be tested on their eight spelling words and sight words.

• The students will be having a Math test “TOPIC 2” on Thursday, October 28, 2021.
Please review the completed work that was sent home, which we have already learned (Homework and Class Work).

• Our Specials Are: Monday- Gym #1; Tuesday- Art;
Wednesday- STREAM and Gym #2; Thursday-Music; Friday- Mass and Technology.

Homework Assignments

**Practice with your child to help them start to memorize their double facts.**
(1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, 4+4=8, 5+5=10, 6+6=12, 7+7=14, 8+8=16, 9+9=18, 10+10=20)

** If you would like to send treats for the students to take home for Halloween, please send the treats and a large/sturdy shopping bag in by Wednesday, October 27th. Please put just your child’s name on it. This will help us with sorting the treats into the children’s treat bags. Thanks! 

**All Spelling Homework Is Done In The Spelling Notebook
With The School Heading On Top EVERY NIGHT (See Below)**
Student’s Name Date

Monday: No- Teacher Professional Day!

1. Math- Math Workbook Lesson 2-8
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (2 Pages- Letters Qu/X and V)
3. Spelling- Write spelling words (1-8) two times each.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.

1. Math- Review Sheet and study for the test tomorrow. Please keep the “Review Sheet” at home for review.
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (1 Page- Letters Y and Z)
3. Spelling- Pick four spelling words, and write a sentence for each of the four words.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.

1. Math- Math Workbook Lesson 2-9
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (1 Page- Short Vowels)
3. Spelling- Practice the spelling words, for a test tomorrow.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words, to be assessed tomorrow.
5. Send in “1 SPECIAL SNACK AND 1 DRINK” for JUST YOUR CHILD tomorrow. (For example: a Halloween Doughnut, or a Halloween Cookie, or a bag of Chips, etc.) AND YOUR CHILD’S TREAT BAG!!!

Friday: Have A Good Weekend!!!

*The Spelling Words For This Week Are:
1. hat 5. mop
2. bed 6. wig
3. tub 7. cap
4. hot 8. ten

Homework for Friday, October 22

Math Fat book pages 71 and 72 (problems are on the right side of the page)

Show work on loose leaf.  If no work is  shown, it will count as a missed homework. 

No School on Monday

Homework for Thursday, October 21

Math skinny book page 26

Study for Reading-bring home My View Book

Check ELA Google Classroom for Study Guide 

Homework for Wednesday, October 20

Math worksheet- 4 digit minus 4 digit

My View page 109

Study for Reading Test

Parents-Read request for volunteers for Fall Festival

Homework for Monday, October 18

Math skinny book page 14

Math skinny book page 11-Do not use mental math-Add or subtract.  You must stack the numbers.

Spelling-write each spelling word 3 times each on loose leaf with the proper heading and proper format.


2.   Educate

3.   Supervise

4.   Fascinate

5.   Corrode

6.   Imitate

7.   Acquire

8.   Cooperate

9.   Participate


11.         Survive









20.              Ridicule

Identical-appearing to be exactly the same

Radiation-energy that travels in the form of waves outward from a source, such as the sun

Duplicate-exactly the same as another

Comparison-examination of things to see how they are similar

DNA-the substance in cells that determines the characteristics of a living thing

Chromosomes–  parts of DNA in cells that contain the genes

Homework for Friday, October 15

Math worksheet-complete the last two rows.  Subtract and estimate.  Show your work for estimation on loose leaf.

Homework for Thursday, October 14

Math worksheet first three rows

Play dough and binder are due!

Choose your saint!

Homework for Wednesday, October 13

Math Skinny book page 21

Be sure to choose a saint for your project.

Reading Test on Friday, October 22

Gym on Thursday-Wear your gym uniform

Times tables- 2 and 3 – 

Or 4 and 6

Homework for Monday, October 4

Math Skinny book page 19

Reading Passage-Taking Care of Teeth

No spelling and vocabulary

Luminous Mysteries on Thursday

Friday 4 and 6 quiz and 2 and 3 qui

Homework for Thursday, September 30

Study for Spelling and Vocabulary Test

Math Homework page 15 in thin book

Dress down on Friday for $2.

12:30 Dismissal-no lunch served for fourth grade