Thursday, October 6


Math skinny book page 21

Dress down money for Friday $2

Science and Luminous Mysteries on Friday.


Skinny Math book all of page 19 and page 20 Numbers 10 and 11

Religion-St. Francis questions on loose leaf.

Write the question and answer it. Skip a line and answer the next question.

Social Studies worksheet 

Dress down money for Friday $2

Pretzel IOU’s

Spelling and Vocabulary Test on Thursday

Science and Luminous Mysteries on Friday.

Gym Uniforms on Thursday.


Tuesday, October 4

Math-coloring worksheet-Will be GRADED!

You need your crayons or colored pencils

Passage-How is energy transferred?

Answer the multiple choice questions

Science Crossword Puzzle-use the notes posted on the Google Classroom. Will be graded as a quiz


Pretzel money due on Wednesday

Dress Down money for Friday

Spelling and Vocabulary test on Thursday

Science Test and Luminous Mysteries on Friday


Monday, October 3

Math skinny book page 13

You must round each number to the highest place they both have.

Collision questions

My View page 64. Copy the question and answer it on loose leaf with your complete heading.

You must include an introduction.

Find at least 2 examples that the work Mary did was treacherous.


Friday, September 30

Complete the back of the math worksheet started today.

7th and 8th Grade

7th Grade Tentative Schedule for Math and Science for the Week of 10/3 – 10/7

Math: Lessons 8 & 9 Quiz Wednesday 10/5

Topic 1 Test Tuesday 10/12  

Science:  Vocabulary Quiz, Topic 2 Lessons 1 – 3 Friday 10/7

7th Grade received their Topic 1 Science Tests and Math Lessons 6 & 7 quizzes back today

8th Grade Tentative Schedule for Math, Science, and Religion for the Week of 10/3 – 10/7

Math:   Lessons 6 & 7 Quiz Monday 10/3

    Lessons 8 7 9 Quiz Thursday 10/6

    Topic 1 Test Tuesday 10/12

Religion:   Chapter 2 Test Wednesday 10/5 

Science:    Topic 1 Test Monday 10/3

8th Grade received their Religion Quizzes on the Prayer to the Holy Spirit back today

If they haven’t done so already, students that are being Confirmed should choose their Confirmation Saint. We will be writing essays on the Saints they have chosen starting the second week of October

Thursday, September 29

Math skinny book page 15

Spelling packet pages 2 and 3

Dreadnoughtus-3 details in packet

Megalodon packet-

How do scientists know about the megalodon?

What information do scientists get from the megalodon’s teeth?

Reading test on Friday-

Main idea and details

Finding information in the text.

Writing 3 things you learned from the text in the proper format.

Math quiz-4,6, 7,8, and 9 timed at 5 minutes

Wednesday, September 28

Spelling packet -page one “unscramble”

Dreadnoughtus Dinosaur questions

How did scientists know the fossils they found belonged to a dinosaur that was not fully grown?

Why was this dinosaur called dreadnoughtus?

Why did they think this dinosaur did not walk very much?  What did he do instead?

Answer in complete sentences.

Read Landforms passage and answer the questions.

Religion quiz on Glorious Mysteries on Thursday

Math quiz on tables on Friday

Tuesday, September 27

Spelling-write each word 3 times each on loose leaf

Scholastic Class Code:  YD2JL

Study for Math Test on Wednesday

Study your times tables for quiz on Friday

Spelling and Vocabulary Quiz has been moved to next week.

Thursday-Glorious Mysteries

Liopleurodons-on loose leaf-Copy the question and answer it

Describe a “pliosaur”

How is a pliosaur like a whale or a dolphin?

Describe liopleurodon as a hunter.

Spelling List 2

1. Base

2. Basic

3. Able

4. Ability

5. Festive

6. Festivity

7. Management

8. Loyalty

9. Safety

10. Commune

11.  Community

12. Payment

13. Enjoyment

14. Amusement

15. Microscope

16. Microscopic

17. Creative

18. Creativity

19. Majesty



Poverty-the state of being extremely poor

Pursued-worked without stopping to get or accomplish something

Treacherous-unsafe because of hidden dangers

Remarkable-extraordinary or outstanding

Assembled-put or brought together

Monday, September 26

Citipati passage-On loose leaf- 

Copy the question and answer it. Skip a line Copy the next question and answer it.

How do scientists understand the bird-dinosaur connection?

Compare the Citipati to a modern day bird.

Math-Fat book pages 27 and 28 (the right side of each page)

Page 30 do number 10

Review math work done in class today for test on Wednesday.