Fourth Grade Wednesday, April 10

Homework  Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Work on IXL math tonight.

Math worksheet adding mixed numbers-complete the side that starts with 1 4/12

Math worksheet on multiplication and word problems

Math worksheet on multiplying fraction. The back of the page we did in school

Bring coins for our coin drive.

Permission slips for Penguins and Day of Prayer.

Spelling Test on Friday

SS vocabulary and notable people Chapter 6 on Friday.

Students should bring a personal supply of tissues.

Students must come to school with at least 3 sharpened pencils


7th Grade ELA & Religion Homework 3/11

Good afternoon 7th Grade, 

For homework tonight please complete the ELA practice test packet. Please read through the entire passage and answer each multiple choice question. I recommend you time yourself to see how long it takes to complete the passage and questions. We will go over this in class tomorrow. 

For Religion, please begin to read your selected chapter for our class trimester projects. I recommend taking down notes as you summarize your chapter. Your outline for your presentation is due on Thursday! It must be typed and include the following: 

A 2 paragraph chapter summary

All of the chapter key terms (faith words) defined

A idea or plan for both your class presentation activity and quiz. 

I hope you all have a great night! See you tomorrow,

Lets go Islanders! 

Mr. Manzello

HW 1-17-19

6th Grade:

ELA–Please read Chapters 26 and 27 of GSKTTU and outline both chapters on looseleaf 

SS–Papers due on Tuesday, 1/22! Consult Google Classroom for directions. Presentation grades will be returned next week. 

REL–Moses skits due Thursday!


5th Grade: 


-Unit exam next Friday, 1/25

-Spelling Quiz on Wednesday, 1/23

-Complete TB p. 120 (Questions #1, 3 & 5) on looseleaf


-Presentation grades will be returned next week. 


HW 1-10-19

5th Grade:


Read TB p. 116-121 and answer the Creating Writing Prompt question in one paragraph on looseleaf.


SS–Civil War quiz tomorrow, 1/11! 


6th Grade:


The Rise of Babylon and the Amorites Google presentations due: Monday!


HW 1-7-19



-Complete questions (#14-18) from pgs. 304 & 305 on looseleaf. Chapters 11-16 Quiz tomorrow!


-finish your modern-day versions of the story of the three magi.

-Complete the following creative writing prompts on looseleaf.

If you met Jesus in person today, and you could give him one gift, what would you give him? Why?

***One paragraph (6-7 sentences)

-Prayer exam Wednesday!



-Vocabulary index cards due tomorrow!

Complete WB p. 75

-Vocabulary quiz on Wednesday!

HW 1-2-19

Grade 6:

REL–Read TB p. 96-99 and study for prayer exam next Wednesday (Apostles Creed, Hail Holy Queen, Grace Before Meals and Grace After Meals)

ELA–Read Chapters 11 and 12 from GSKTTU & read article provided and answer questions based on article ON LOOSELEAF


Grade 5:

ELA–Complete test corrections on looseleaf

SS–Write two paragraphs about a time in which you had to come to a compromise with someone (complete on looseleaf)

HW 12-17-18



ELA–GSKTTU exam (Chapters 1-10 and vocabulary) Thursday!


REL–Liturgical seasons exam Wednesday!


SS–Read TB p. 98-100 & answer review questions on pgs. 99 & 100 ***Complete on looseleaf. 

HW 12-11-18

6th Grade:


  • Complete Questions (#7-11) from page 304 on looseleaf.
  • GSKTTU, Chapters 1-6 quiz tomorrow!
  • Vocabulary terms (nanosecond–curdled) in the vocab section of your notebook due Thursday!


  • finished cuneiform projects due Thursday!
  • Read TB p. 98-100 and complete an outline of those pages on looseleaf.


  • finish ‘My Advent Season’ writing assignments for tomorrow!


5th Grade:


  • Quiz Thursday (Independent/Dependent clauses, subject/predicate and vocabulary)!
  • Write spelling words five (5) times on looseleaf to practice correct spelling.


  • finish A Good Night for Freedom group work assignments for tomorrow. 
  • Read TB p. 404 & 405 and complete vocabulary terms on p. 405 in the vocabulary section of your notebook.



Welcome to Pre-K!

In November the Pre-K classes theme was “All About Us” .The children shared special memories and traditions they have with their loved ones. Our Thanksgiving feast was delightful! We enjoyed sharing a true Thanksgiving meal with our St. Stans Family and loved ones. Stay tuned for December events!