Tuesday, October 25

Weather Passage-answer questions-Graded as a quiz

Math-complete the back of the worksheet started in class

Math fat book page 107 numbers 14-17-Use the grid given in class to show work

Spelling abc order

Pink Dress Down on Wednesday $2

Bake Sale $1 to $3 

Monday, October 24

Spelling write each word 3 times each on loose leaf in your best handwriting

Writing-Write a passage using an introduction. 3 ways that Early Exploration uses Text Features, and a conclusion

Text Features

Heading-Early Exploration

Sub-heading-Using the North Star

Learning Wave Patterns

Pronunciation Guide- Polaris (poe-LAIR-is)

Thursday, October 20

Spelling ABC order in spelling packet

Reading Quiz on Friday

Gaming Zone

Take home MyView

Pages 92-93

Identify comparisons of the twins that support the main idea. (What is the main idea?)

Page 94-95

How are Mark and Scott different from many other sets of twins?

Spelling and Vocabulary test on Friday.

Wednesday, October 19

Spelling-next two pages on the spelling packet

Complete the questions that go with Light and Sound

Study for spelling and vocabulary test.

Tuesday, October 18

Study for Math test Topic 2

Review Fat Math Book Pages 71-74 and word problem worksheet

Spelling unscramble

Frogs and Toads- Venn Diagram

Monday, October 17

Skinny Math book pages 27 and 28

And finish worksheet started in class.

Spelling write each word 3 times each on loose leaf.

Loopy Loops questions


Study for Social Studies test on Tuesday.

Friday, October 14

Math Fat book pages pages 73 and 74

(do not do number 9)

Show all work

Bring in Field Trip Money

You must be prepared with at least 3 sharpened number 2 pencils and tissues

Thursday, October 13

Social Studies test has been changed to Tuesday, October 18

Music test next week

Fat Math Book pages 71 and 72 –show work on loose leaf

Do not do set a on page 71

Set B you must round to the place they both have.-only estimate

Set c, d, and e-do not estimate-just solve (find the answer)

Set F-you do not have to use a tape diag

Wednesday, October 12

Music  test next week

SS Crossword Puzzle-graded as a quiz

Math skinny book page 24 and 25

A Final Journey-questions on loose leaf.

Tuesday, October 11


Math skinny book page 23

Work on the questions for Genetics-answer questions on the same paper.