Classwork 3/23

Google Meeting: Today at 10am (Mandatory; please come with your math book, and a pencil!)


  • Please re-watch “How do you Raise a Raisin”
    • Then, answer the graphic organizer on the ELA Google Classroom page. 2 complete sentences per box.
  • Reading notes- please read for 15 minutes as usual and type your notes on the Google Classroom assignment; due by 5pm
  • Spelling packet- complete as usual
  • Spelling City modules- due Friday!
  • Work on March Writer’s Notebook.
  • NEW APP: No Red Ink. Try playing with it and email me your feedback!
    Invite code:
    Assignment: “Diagnostic” and “Action Verbs” (Due Friday tentatively)


  • Exit slip on the Google Classroom Math page (it will go live at 11am)
  • Mathletics Module: Identifying Fractions on a Number Line (due by 5pm)
  • Playlist pages: Equal or Not, Partition the Fraction, Parts of a Whole, Color the Fraction


  • Watch the video on Matter on the Science Google Classroom page. Then, answer the Google Form (due TUESDAY by 5pm!).


  • Color the appropriate days on your lapbook
  • Watch the short “Laetare Sunday” video on the Religion Google Classroom page. Then, answer the Google Form (due by 5pm)