Classwork 5/12

No Google Meets today; PLEASE have all of your work done by 5!!


  • DUE BY 5 EOY Memory Book
  • DUE BY 5 “Around the World” project


  • Think Critically: Please watch the video-story. Then, then answer the questions with at least 2 complete sentences each. due by 5pm
  • Spelling City modules- due by 5pm


  • Prodigy Assignment 6/12 due by 5pm. You must click “Play in school!”
    • If a question asks you about a “heptagon,” it has 7 sides!
  • Our final math test is on Monday, June 15th on Chs. 15-16, from 10-11am. It will be in place of our meet.


  • Corpus Christi due by 5pm
  • The Good Samaritan due by 5pm
    • Correction: Google Classroom posted that it was due today by 5pm, but it should have been due yesterday. If you haven’t done it yet, please submit it by 5 and I will accept full credit.