Classwork 3/20

Google Meeting: Today at 10am (we will be praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet with some special visitors! Be sure to come prepared with a rosary, your math book, and a pencil.)


  • Epic! module “Matter: First Science” + quiz; (Code: tti0712) due by 5pm 
  • Reading notes- please read for 15 minutes as usual and type your notes on the Google Classroom assignment; due by 5pm
  • ELA workbook pgs. 180 & 181
  • Spelling packet- complete as usual
  • Spelling City modules- due next Friday!
  • Work on March Writer’s Notebook.


  • Exit slip on the Google Classroom Math page (it will go live at 11am)
  • Prodigy Module: due by 5pm
    • Fractions 3/20 (30 questions)


  • Color the appropriate days on your lapbook
  • Lent pack:
    • “Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving” (it’s the page with the 3 columns; instead of cut and paste, simply copy into the appropriate boxes)
    • “When you fast, do not look dismal” worksheet (answer the 3 questions)


  • “Johann Sebastian Bach – Quiz” is due today by 3 pm.