Faculty and Staff

Our faculty consist of full and part-time teachers who are trained and certified professional educators. They all have achieved a bachelors degree in education, and within the time specified by the State Education Department, are required to attain a masters. Each teacher is responsible to be certified as a religious catechist through the Diocese of Brooklyn, and teachers must continue to pursue professional development.

Our teachers are warm and caring people who enjoy working with children and their parents. Teachers are available both before and after school. They are generous in coordinating activities for the physical, educational, social and spiritual enrichment of the students. They help to create the warm family atmosphere that is characteristic of our school.

Administration and Office

Pastor – Monsignor Joseph Calise
Principal – Mrs. Catherine Mangone

Pre-K for All Education Director – Mrs. Joan Forgione

School Admin – Mrs. Denise Galasso 
Tuition Secretary – Ms. Benita Brucia

Early Childhood Education

Nursery – Mrs. Annette Siguenza

Teacher Assistants

Mrs. Debbie Colotti
Mrs. Susan Capitelli
Mrs. Mary Ceyko 

Pre-K for All

Room A – Lead Teacher – Ms. Kathy Papaioannou
Room B – Lead Teacher – Mrs. Irene Pina
Room C – Lead Teacher – Mrs. Ann-Marie Luciano

Pre-K for All Teacher Assistants 

Mrs. Lynn Belpulsi
Mrs. Leonora Breen
Ms. Denise Conway
Mrs. Julia Loeffel

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Kindergarten         Mrs. Kim Borenstein
                     Ms. Rachel Fitzpatrick
Grade 1              Mrs. Sharon Sperruggia
Grade 2              Mrs. Maria Gagliardo
Grade 3              Ms. Lauren Ippolito
Grade 4              Mrs. Maria Marrocco
Grade 5              Mrs. Susan Beechel
Grade 6              Ms. Jennifer Falcone
Grade 7              Mr. Peter Manzello
Grade 8              Mrs. Rosemarie Rosen

Special Subjects

Art and Technology      Mr. Sean Curran
Music                   Mrs. Ashley Brown
Physical Education      Mr. Robert Feliciano
Spanish                 Ms. Jacqueline Vargas
STREAM                  Mrs. Stefanie Giordano
Writer’s Workshop       Mrs. Mary Fierro