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Welcome to Mrs. Beechel’s Fifth Grade class!

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*Please make sure your child is either wearing the gym sweatshirt or school fleece if they are cold in the classroom. They must be in uniform while in school. 

*Please make sure to cover all workbooks-Math & ELA (so far) with clear contact. 

*Students should have a book to read from home with them at school.

Google classroom codes for grade 5 S.S.-vnf2dda & ELA- Sta4pbe

Google classroom codes for math-cadjbe6 & science- loe5tk2  & religion ljdstpr

Monday 10/19/20

Grade 5

Math- Additional Practice Worksheet 3-1

Religion – chp 1 test tomorrow

ELA – it will be posted on google classroom


Grade 6

Math – Worksheet Coordinate Plane

Tuesday 10/20/20

Grade 5 

Math- workbook p29-30 Lesson 3-2

ELA- finish inferences packet

S.S. – study for Latitude & Longitude Quiz tomorrow

Grade 6

Math- coordinate plane worksheet

Science- finish graphic organizer on Types of Energy

Wednesday 10/21/20

Grade 5

Math- Additional Practice wkbk p 31-32

ELA – making inferences 

S.S. – Finish State Abbreviations Kami Document


Grade 6

Math – Finding the Distance between points worksheet

Science – Finish Thermal Energy Transfer Foldable 


Thursday 10/22/20

Grade 5

Math – AP workbook p 33-34 Lesson 3-4

Science – finish Chemical or Physical Change sorting

ELA – assignment on Freckle

S.S. – Map Abbreviation worksheet


Grade 6

Math – Finding the Distance Worksheet 

Friday 10/23/20

Grade 5 


Grade 6 








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