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I am so happy to welcome you to First Grade B! This year is going to be a wonderful year with many adventures.  Below you will find our specials schedule, and weekly posts with homework and important dates and reminders! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Ms. Mangone


Monday– STREAM.         Wednesday– ART, MUSIC

Tuesday– SPANISH          Thursday– TECHNOLOGY

Friday– GYM 

We will also attend Mass as a grade Thursday mornings!

Week of 11/7-11/9

Posted on November 7, 2022

Unit 1 Sight Word Test- This week!

Math Topic 3 Test- Tues. 11/15

No School Thurs. 11/10– Teacher Professional Development Day!

No School Fri. 11/11– Veterans Day!

Our Learning

Phonics- We will…review short vowel sounds and consonant blends.

Reading-We will…work in our Guided Reading Groups to read on level texts and practice using reading strategies.

Writing-We will…continue to work in Writer’s Workshop. 

Math-We will…finish Topic 3: Addition Facts to 20.

Religion-We will…work on Chapter 8: Jesus Had Many Followers

Science-We will…study the characteristics of a Reptile.

Social Studies-We will…hold our own Classroom Cookie Election and learn about Veterans Day.

Homework Newsletter

Week of 10/11-10/14

Posted on October 9, 2022


-No School Monday 10/10!

-Spelling Test; Fri. 10/14

-Sight Word Test; Fri. 10/14

-Our Field Trip is next Tuesday 10/18!

Our Learning

Phonics- We will…learn about the short “e” sound and letters “D,L,H”.

Reading-We will…Read two realistic fiction stories and work to compare and contrast.

Grammar-We will…learn about Adjectives and Articles.

Writing-We will…continue to work in writer’s workshop.  Students will be writing about “If I Had a Magic Broomstick”,  We will continue to practice our Handwriting skills.

Math-We will…work on Topic 2: Begin To Add and Subtract Fluently

Religion-We will…work on Chapter 4: Jesus Works Among the People

Science-We will…learn about parts of a pumpkin and investigate what a pumpkin feels like, smells like, looks like, sounds like and tastes like.

Social Studies-We will…learn about our school workers and their jobs.

Homework Newsletter

Week of 10/3-10/7

Posted on October 3, 2022


-Math Topic 1 Test; Tues. 10/4

-Spelling Test; Fri. 10/7

-Sight Word Test; Fri. 10/7

-Scholastic Book Orders due Fri. 10/7

-Half Day of School Fri. 10/7 (12:20pm)

-No School Mon. 10/10

Our Learning

Phonics- We will…learn about the short “o” sounds and letters “F,B,G”.

Reading-We will…Continue to read Realistic Fiction and look for text features.

Writing-We will…write simple sentences and work on our writing in Writer’s Workshop

Math-We will… Take our Topic 1 Math Test.  Begin Topic 2: Fluently Add & Subtract Within 10

Religion-We will…begin Chapter 3: Jesus Grew Up In A Family

Science-We will…identify how animals can move.

Social Studies-We will…explore maps and learn about Christopher Columbus.

Homework Newsletter

Week of 9/23-9/30

Posted on September 26, 2022


-Spelling Test; Fri. 9/30

-Sight Word Test; Fri. 9/30

-Math Topic 1 Test; Tues. 10/4

Our Learning

Phonics- We will…learn about the short “i” sound and review letters “C, P,N”

Reading-We will…be reading Realistic Fiction and looking to identify the setting.

Writing-We will…be working in Writer’s Workshop and practicing our handwriting skills.

Math-We will…be finishing Topic 1:Understand Addition and Subtraction

Religion-We will…study Chapter 2: The Blessed Trinity

Science-We will…learn about apples and our five senses.Social Studies-We will…discuss and write about Johnny Appleseed.

Social Studies-We will…discuss and write about Johnny Appleseed.

Homework Newsletter

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