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Mrs. Sharon Sperruggia

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Specials Schedule
Monday- Gym #1
Tuesday- Art
Wednesday- STREAM and Gym #2
Thursday- Music
Friday- 8:30 Mass and Technology

September 20-24, 2021

Posted on September 18, 2021

1st Grade Weekly Newsletter

Math- We will be starting our first chapter “Solve Addition and Subtraction Problems to 10.” We will solve problems involving situations of adding one part to another part, solving addition problems involving situations of putting two parts together, solving addition word problems by breaking apart a total number of objects, solving subtraction problems involving taking from a group, and solving subtraction problems that involve comparing to find how many more objects are in one group than another group.

Reading- We will be starting our reading series reading the story The Blackout. This story will help us learn our reading skill: Characters and our reading genre: realistic fiction.
This Week’s Sight Words- see, a, his, I, is

Phonics- We will be reviewing our first set of letters along with their sounds, which are: m,s,t, and short vowel a.

Handwriting- We will begin by reviewing writing our letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers and vertical lines. This will help the students in making correct letter formation.

Grammar- We will be discovering what a “noun” is.

Listening- We will be starting our first “Author Study” by Miriam Cohen.

Religion- We will be starting Chapter 1- “God Is Our Father.”

Science- We will begin our first unit on “Animals,” learning how to categorize animals according to their habitats. We will also compare and contrast animals according to size, shape, and other characteristics.

Social Studies- We will start off with our first unit “School Days.” The children will be discussing why rules are important to have in a classroom and what happens during their school days in their classroom.

Health- We will be identifying what our five senses are.

• Starting this Friday, the students will be tested on their six spelling words and the sight words.

• Our Specials Are: Monday- Gym #1; Tuesday- Art; Wednesday- STREAM and Gym #2; Thursday-Music;
Friday- Mass and Technology.

Homework Assignments

**All Spelling Homework Is Done In The Spelling Notebook With The School Heading On Top**
Student’s Name Date

1. Math- Math Homework Page Lesson 1-1
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (Short A)
3. Spelling- Write each spelling word two times each.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.

1. Math- Math Homework Page Lesson 1-2
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (Letter M)
3. Spelling- Fill in the blanks in the Homework Notebook
__ t, m __ t, __, a __, s __ __, s __ t
** Please copy these blanks into the student’s spelling notebook and then fill in the blanks.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.

1. Math- Math Homework Page Lesson 1-3
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (Letter S)
3. Spelling- Pick three spelling words, and write a sentence for each of the three words.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.

1. Math- Math Homework Page Lesson 1-4
2. Phonics- 2 Phonics Workbook Packet (Letter T AND Nouns)
3. Spelling- Practice the spelling words, for a test tomorrow.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words to be assessed tomorrow.

Friday: Have a good weekend!!!

*The Spelling Words For This Week Are:
1. am 4. sat
2. at 5. I
3. mat 6. see

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