Fourth Grade Homework for Friday, February 5

Homework for Friday, February 5

Math Thick Book pages 211-212

You must show work as modeled in school.

Math Test on Friday, February 12.

All of Topic 5.


Spelling and Vocabulary Test on Monday

Words follow at the end of homework


Pretzel order is due on Monday.


Bring in change for St. Vincent DePaul

Dress Down on Monday-Blue or Yellow.

Walkathon, Players shirt, Field Day Shirt.


Valentine’s Day  (Friday, February 12)

Students may bring in treats for Valentine’s Day on Friday.  Not mandatory.  However, if you bring in treats, please bring for everybody.


All late work must be submitted by the end of Friday.


After February 5, no late work will be accepted–Including Freckle and Iready


Finish Math and Reading Iready Diagnostic


Be sure all work on Freckle is done!


Charge your Chromebook

Bring in headphones.


Spelling for Feathers

  1.   Victories
  2.   Viruses
  3.   Activities
  4.   Galaxies
  5.   Skies
  6.   Gases
  7.   Sandwiches
  8.   Monkeys
  9.   Primaries
  10.                       Colonies
  11.                       Counties
  12.                       Classes
  13.                       Services
  14.                       Hoaxes
  15.                       Speeches
  16.                       Berries
  17.                       Consumers
  18.                       Lenses
  19.                       Holidays
  20.                       Taxes




prey– an animal hunted by others for food

brittle-very easily broken

system-set of connected things

bristle-short, stiff hair of an animal or plant

contour-shape or outline of something