Fourth Grade Work for Monday, June 15

Work for Monday, June 15, 2020

Fourth Grade Assignments:

Google Classroom-Homeroom 4

Attend Google Meet at 9 am-link will be in the Homeroom Google Classroom


Take attendance between 9 and 11 am.  You will not be permitted to respond after 11 am.


Google Classroom Math

Kami Math Review work in Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division



STREAM 12:30


Live SS class at 1:00-Link will be in the Google Homeroom 4


Google ELA Classroom

Readworks Catch the Breeze

Read the article and answer the questions that follow.


Social Studies Google Classroom   released at 11 am

BrainPop-Civil War

Watch the video

Take the quiz


BrainPop-Civil War Causes

Watch the video

Take the quiz



Science Google Classroom-released at 11 am


Watch the video

Take the quiz

BrainPop-Slow Land Changes

Watch the video

Take the quizzes