Fourth Grade Homework for Tuesday, January 19

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Homework for Tuesday, January 19

Math handout-Complete the first three pages on multiplication.


Re-registration forms were distributed to all students.


Spelling – write each word 3 times each


  1. Services
  2. Primaries
  3. Consumers
  4. Holidays
  5. Lenses
  6. Sandwiches
  7. Monkeys
  8. Berries
  9. Counties
  10. Taxes
  11. Hoaxes
  12. Classes
  13. Gases
  14. Viruses
  15. Speeches
  16. Skies
  17. Activities
  18. Colonies
  19. Galaxies
  20. Victories

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Mrs. Marrocco’s Math Notes

Mrs. Marrocco's Religion Notes

Fourth Grade Homework, Thursday, January 21

Posted on January 21, 2021

Homework for Thursday, January 21


Spelling – circle the word that is spelled correctly


Study for Social Studies

Charge your Chromebook

Bring in headphones.


Homework for Thursday, January 14 Fourth Grade

Posted on January 14, 2021

Homework for Thursday, January 14


Math Google Classroom

Math Kami assignment


ELA Google Classroom

Vocabulary Kami


Finish study guide for Science and SS


Study for Tests on Friday




Fourth Grade Homework, January 13

Posted on January 13, 2021

Homework for Wednesday, January 13


ELA Google Classroom

Spelling Kami

Vocabulary Kami

Proper Nouns Kami-both pages


Complete Google Form question on ELA Classroom-Informational -Feathers text


Science Study Guide-Chapter 2 Lesson 1 due tomorrow.


Study for Spelling and Vocabulary Test on Friday

ELA Reading Test on Friday.


Tuesday, January 12 Fourth Grade Homework

Posted on January 12, 2021

Homework for Tuesday, January 12

Math homework on Google Classroom

Must show work-no credit will be given without work


Study for quiz tomorrow


ELA-finish Snowy Owl informational text question


Spelling page on Google Classroom ELA


Religion Google Classroom Assignment


Social Studies-Study Guide Lesson 2 due on Thursday.


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