Posted on June 14, 2022

Homework For Tuesday, June 14

Read Science Elevate pages 284-289

Define the following words on loose leaf






Stomata-look on page 287

Vascular system

Posted on June 7, 2022

Homework for Tuesday, June 7

Bring back the height and weight form

Finish reading Animal Rescue hits the Road

Study for Math Test on Tables

Study for Science Test

Math worksheet both pages on comparing decimals

Friday-Religion and Reading Test

Posted on June 1, 2022

Homework for Wednesday, June 1

Math Skinny book pages 153-154

Social Studies pages 265, 269, and 271

Review questions

State Performance Test in Science tomorrow

Bring in number 2 pencils

Collect pledges for Dance-athon

Start Studying for Science Test

Posted on May 31, 2022

Homework for Tuesday, May 31

Math Packet on Decimals

Cinderella Plot Elements

Complete Reading on Mass Extinction-two grades will be given-One for reading comprehension and one for science.

Social Studies project is due tomorrow.

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