Grade 3 2021-2022 Supply List & Summer Learning

Dear Parents of the Incoming 3th Grade,  

Welcome!  I look forward to the opportunity to be your child’s teacher for the 2021-2022 school year!

In an effort to take advantage of summer sales, I am providing a list of supplies the children will need for the upcoming school year. On the following page, you will find the Summer Learning schedule of assignments.

Personal Supplies:

10 folders

5 regular notebooks (no spirals)

Clear contact paper (to cover soft cover textbooks)

Box #2 pencils (must sharpen at home!)                                

1 pack of erasers (pencil toppers or regular)

1 pack of dry erase markers (any color)

One box of colored pencils

Pack of glue sticks 

Child’s safety scissor

Set of headphones (no airpods)

Pencil case (soft or hard shell)

Classroom Supplies:

Personal Hand sanitizer (refill when needed)

1 box of tissues

1 roll of paper towels

1 container of disinfectant wipes            

 1 box of Ziploc Sandwich bags                          

Supplies will be due by the end of the first week of school.  Children should be prepared with pencils and books/folders on the first day of school.

Summer Learning 

Mrs. Gagliardo has assigned some work on i-Ready. The assignments are scheduled so you can only complete them during the dates I have listed below.

Besides the i-Ready ELA and Math, you will also read one chapter book and write a summary of the book. You may write your summary on looseleaf, or type it.

Summary for Chapter Book should include:

1.   What you liked about the story.

2.   Did it have a moral? If so, what was it?

3.   What genre was the story?

The i-Ready assignments are listed below:

July 5-19th ELA:

  • Phonics and High Frequency Words
  • Multisyllabic words with Prefixes
  • Multisyllabic words with Suffixes
  • Phonological Awareness

July 5-26th

  • Word Meanings
  • Context Clues

July 5-26th Math:

  • Addition by Break Apart 2 Digit Numbers
  • Addition within 100 on a Number line
  • Subtraction within 100 on a Number Line

July 26-Aug13th Math:

  • Adding 2- and 3-Digit Numbers
  • Subtract 2- and 3-Digit Numbers
  • Compare Smaller Unknown Word Problems within 20
  • Compare Bigger Unknown Word Problems within 20
  • Measure Length in Inches
  • Measure Length in Centimeters.

 I am looking forward to working with your child in the fall!

Sincerely,  Ms. Ippolito