Homework 10/9


  • If you ordered a pretzel, money was returned to your child. Unfortunately, there will not be any for tomorrow. My apologies- we only found out this morning! Pretzel Thursday will resume next week.
  • Please note that if your child misses a day of school, they must bring a signed note from you excusing their absence. An email will also suffice. Thank you!
  • As a gentle reminder, homework is still required when your child is absent. I am completely understanding of various circumstances and willing to give extra time, but please make sure your child is making up the work as soon as possible. All grades are updated daily on Option C. Thank you again!


  • Reading notes
  • Spelling packet
  • Math pgs. 143-144

Upcoming Assessments:

  • Grammar quiz this Friday
  • Math quiz next Wednesday 10/16
  • Science Chapter 1 test moved to next Thursday 10/17