Homework 2/22


  • Please make sure your child is prepared for class each day. I must enforce everything more strictly as time moves on- and I cannot share school supplies! I kindly ask that your child has these items each day; thank you so much for your understanding!!!
    • Charged iPad + headphones
    • Pencil Case (sharpened pencils, scissors, gluestick, etc.)
    • Hand Sanitizer
  • Trimester tests will be here before we know it, so please be on the lookout here as I want to space them out as much as possible!


  • Reading Notes
  • Spelling Packet
  • Math Freckle

Upcoming Assessments:

  • Math T2 Trimester test next Tuesday, 3/2
  • Grammar + Prayer quizzes this Friday
  • Feb. Writer’s Notebook due Friday
  • Handwriting up to pg. 125 due Friday