HW6 12-12-18

6th Grade:


  • Complete vocabulary terms (nanosecond–curdled) in the vocabulary section of your notebook. Due: tomorrow

  • Complete vocabulary terms (parched–consuming) for Friday in the vocabulary section of your notebook.

  • Write sentences for all vocabulary terms in your notebook for Monday!



  • finish the cuneiform projects for tomorrow. Make sure to staple both sheets together with the message sheet first.

  • Read and outline TB p. 98-100 for tomorrow. Your outlines should include 10-12 important facts. Complete on looseleaf.



  • If you did not correctly complete the ‘My Advent Season’ writing assignment, students must correct them for Thursday. 


Tickets are still on sale for the Christmas show on Friday night! Students cannot wear sneakers, jeans, or t-shirts to the concert. Students must wear black dress pants, black dress shoes with black dress socks and a white, buttoned down dress shirt. Students can wear formal sweaters if they want to.