January 10-14, 2022

1st Grade Weekly Newsletter

Math- We will be reviewing and taking our test on “Topic 5.” We will then begin “Topic 6- Represent and Interpret Data,” where we will be organizing data into categories and collecting/organizing information using a picture graph.

Reading- We will be continuing our 3rd Reading Series reading the story The Clever Monkey. This story will help us learn our reading skills: Author’s Purpose and Main Idea and our reading genre: Folktale.
This Week’s Sight Words- be, could, of, old, why

Phonics- We will be identifying the “long o, long u, and long u sounds.”

Grammar- We will be identifying what “common and proper nouns” are.

Listening- We will be starting our next author study on “Marc Brown.”

Writing- We will continue to focus on writing our letters correctly. We also will be continuing to learn about the “writing process.”

Religion- We will be learning about Chapter 11- “The Holy Spirit Helps the Church to Grow.”

Science- We will be doing a study on “Penguins.” We will be learning the lifecycle of penguins, identifying characteristics of penguins, and identifying the different ways penguins get around.

Social Studies- In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. we will be defining justice and describe how to create a community of love.

• This Friday, the students will be tested on their ten spelling words and sight words.

• The students will be having a Math test on “TOPIC 5” on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.
Please review the completed work that was sent home, which we have already learned (Homework and Class Work).

• Our Specials Are: Monday- Gym #1; Tuesday- Art;
Wednesday- STREAM and Gym #2; Thursday-Music; Friday- Mass and Technology.

Homework Assignments

1. Math- Review Sheet and study for the test tomorrow. Please keep the “Review Sheet” at home for review.
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (1 Page- Long o)
3. Spelling- Write spelling words (1-10) two times each.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.

1. Math- Workbook Lesson 6-1
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (1 Page- Long u/ Long e)
3. Spelling- Pick five spelling words, and write a sentence for each of the five words.
Please underline the spelling word in each sentence.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.

1. Math- Workbook Lesson 6-2
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (1 Page- Common and Proper Nouns)
3. Spelling- Study for the test tomorrow.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words, to be evaluated tomorrow.

Thursday: No school tomorrow- Teacher Professional Day!

Friday: Enjoy Your Weekend!!

Monday: No School- Martin Luther King, Jr.

*The Spelling Words For This Week Are:
1. bone 6. rope
2. broke 7. rose
3. could 8. stone
4. hope 9. those
5. joke 10. why