January 31- February 4, 2022

1st Grade Weekly Newsletter

Math- We will be counting on a number chart to 120, finding number patterns on a number chart, counting to 120 using an open number line, and writing numerals to show how many objects are in a group.

Reading- We will be continuing our reading series reading the story Thumbs Up for Art and Music. This story will help us learn our reading skills: Main Idea, Visualize Details, Imagination and our reading genre: Persuasive text.
This Week’s Sight Words- around, find, full, grow, under

Phonics- We will be identifying “Consonant Pattern –ng/-nk” and the “Syllables and Open Syllables” words.

Grammar- We will be identifying what “Capitalize I and Proper Names” are.

Listening- We will be reading “Marc Brown” books.

Writing- We will continue to focus on writing our letters correctly. We also will be continuing to learn about the “writing process.”

Religion- We will be learning about Chapter 15- “We Belong to a Parish.”

Science- We will be learning about “groundhog’s day” and what groundhogs do through the seasons.

• This Friday, the students will be tested on their ten spelling words and sight words.

• The students will be having their next SHORT Science Test on Thursday, February 3, 2022 (review the classwork papers that were sent home- Penguin Papers, Polar Bear Papers, Frog Papers)

• CHANGE IN SCHEDULE: The students will be having their Religion Test on Unit 2 on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. (review Chapters 8-14 and Chapter Reviews in their Religion Books).

• The students will be having a Math test on “TOPIC 7” on Thursday, February 10, 2022.
Please review the completed work that was sent home, which we have already learned (Homework and Class Work).

• Our Specials Are: Monday- SPANISH (STARTING THIS MONDAY); Tuesday- Art; Wednesday- STREAM and Gym; Thursday-Music; Friday- Mass and Technology.

Homework Assignments

1. Math- Math Workbook 7-3
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (2 Pages- Consonant Pattern –ng/-nk)
3. Spelling- Write spelling words (1-10) two times each.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.
5. Science- Study for the test on Thursday!
6. Tomorrow wear “Your Favorite Team Sportswear/Colors!”

1. Student Day- No Homework!
2. Tomorrow wear “Dress Up Clothes WITH A $5 Angel Donation!”

1. Math- Math Workbook 7-4
2. Phonics- Phonics Workbook Packet (1 Page- Syllables)
3. Spelling- Pick five spelling words, and write one sentence for each of the five words.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words.
5. Science- Study for the test tomorrow!
6. Tomorrow “Spirit Day: Wear Blue, Yellow, Or White AND Crazy Hair Day!”

1. Math- Math Workbook 7-5
2. Grammar- Phonics Workbook Packet (1 Page- Capitalize)
3. Spelling- Practice the spelling words, for a test tomorrow.
4. Sight Words- Practice the sight words, to be assessed tomorrow.
6. Tomorrow wear “Pajamas and Bring A Stuffed Animal!”

Friday: Have A Good Weekend!!!

*The Spelling Words For This Week Are:
1. bring 6. song
2. pink 7. thing
3. ring 8. think
4. rink 9. around
5. sing 10. grow

** Please make sure your child has two sharpened pencils each day.**

** Please continue practicing shoe-tying and zipping coats on their own, with your child.**

** Please practice with your child their address and their phone number. This is a very important life skill. **