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Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Ms. Fitzpatrick and I am excited to be working with all of you this year.

Kindergarten is a time for children to expand their love of learning, their general knowledge, their ability to get along with each other, and their interest in reaching out to the world. This year, your children will accomplish all of this in a safe, healthy classroom. We will engage in daily literacy and math activities, explore a variety of topics through science and social studies, utilize technology, and above all, learn about our faith and friendship with Jesus.

2021-22 Special Class Schedule:

Monday: STREAM (10:05-11:05) & Gym (1:15-2:15)

Tuesday: Art (8:05-9:05)

Wednesday: Gym (1:15-2:15)

Thursday: Music (12:15-1:15)

Friday: Technology (8:05-9:05)


October 26, 2021

Dear Parents,

Here’s what we’re learning this week:

Phonics: Word Families (-at, -an, -ip, -in); Sight Words- see, she, look

Reading Workshop: Unit 1: What makes a place special?

Retelling a Story

Writing Workshop: Halloween Writing

Math: Topic 3: How can we count, read, and write numbers 6-10?

Science: Pumpkins/Nocturnal Animals

Religion: The Church Year

A few notes/reminders:

  • This week, the students will be tested on reciting The Sign of the Cross.
  • Please make sure all tests get signed and returned to school the following day.
  • Monday November 1 is All Saint’s Day. The students will watch mass virtually from the classroom.
  • We will celebrate Halloween on Friday October 29. Please refer to the letter that was sent home.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Fitzpatrick



*Homework must be done in pencil*

*Homework must be signed and returned to school the following day*

*Only do the homework pages that are assigned each night*

Monday 10/25:

No School- Professional Development Day for Teachers


Tuesday 10/26:

Phonics: Word Family (-at, -an) Worksheet

Math: Topic 3-2


Wednesday 10/27:

Phonics: Word Family (-ip, -in) Worksheet

Math: Topic 3-3


Thursday 10/28:

Phonics: My Words to Know

Math: Topic 3-4


Friday 10/29:

No Homework!

Happy Halloween! Have fun and be safe!

*Read together every night. Complete reading log (attached) and return on Monday.*


My Words to Know!

Unit 1: I, am, the, like, a, to, he, is, have, my, we, make, for, me, with, she, see, look


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