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Welcome to Library!

Mrs. Joan Forgione, Librarian

Welcome to a new school year. I’m excited to begin and hope you are too!


Find out what books we have at St. Stan’s.

You can access the St. Stan’s Library from any computer. You do not need a login name or password. Click on the link below to see our online catalog.

Online Library Catalog

All books taken out should be returned to the library the following week. Only one book is permitted to be taken out at a time with the exception of upper grade students who are doing research. 

Upper grade students may renew their book up to three times upon request.



There are SO many important reasons to read to and with your child (of any age, yes including your teenagers!) but the benefits of reading to young children are tremendous.

This article from Bilingual Kidspot is a great one, for both the uni-lingual and multilingual! It outlines the reasons why reading is so very critical to your child’s growth and development – intellectually, academically, socially and emotionally!

PARENTS Please be sure that your child returns his/her book on a timely basis. Often young children will get upset when they cannot take out a book because they did not return a book!


For GRADES 4 – 8

Grades 4 – 8 enjoyed a trip to Medieval Times in New Jersey last month. We are now finishing up the unit on the Middle Ages with a research paper.

TO DOWNLOAD THE ASSIGNMENT, CLICK HERE: Research Paper on Medieval Times.

Each of the classes was assigned a topic:

Grade 4 – The Crusades

Grade 5 – The Plague (the Black Death)

Grade 6 – The Holy Grail

Grade 7 – Chivalry

Grade 8 – The Magna Carta

Details on the assignment were provided to your child. All research papers are due during your library period during the week of February 26th. NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.



For the Younger Grades

A perfect book for Valentine’s Day

Oliver Jeffers is one of my favorite authors/illustrators in these two funny and thought-provoking books.

Grade 4

As Sal moves to a new town, she copes with loss and the ups-and-downs of adolescent friendship in this richly layered novel that’s funny, mysterious and touching. A Newbery Medal winner and one of my favorites.

Grade 5

After falling in love with Walk Two Moons last year, the 5th graders asked if there was anything more to the story — luckily there is in this novel (also by Sharon Creech). Mary Lou Finney’s sarcastic, tender and  irreverent journal that starts out chronicling a boring summer and ends in a wild roller coaster ride.

Grade 6

A contemporary novel that explores the past’s repercussions on the present in a story about life, loss, courage and grace, and what it takes to become a man. A Coretta Scott King Honor Book.

Grade 7

This dystopian tale by Lois Lowry tells the story of a world in which personal choice has been excised “for the good of the people.” Thrown into the middle of the “system,” Jonas’ response will make readers think about bravery and sacrifice. A Newbery Medal winner.

Grade 8

This novel by the author of The Fault in Our Stars is a brilliantly moving coming-of-age tale about true friendship and true love.


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