March 29-31, 2021

1st Grade Weekly Newsletter

** Please practice shoe tying with your child **

Math- We will be making a ten to help solve addition problems, adding 2 two-digit numbers, and review and take the test on “Topic 9.”

Reading- We will be reading and responding to the “Easter” stories.

Phonics- We will be identifying rhyming words in an “Easter” poem and reviewing identifying the number of syllables in words.

Writing- We will be continuing to focus on writing our letters correctly.

Listening- We will be reading Easter stories.

Science- We will be continuing our next unit, “Sound.”

Religion- We will be finishing learning about the “Stations of the Cross.” We will also be doing activities about the “Easter Story.”

• The students will be having a Math Test on Topic 9 on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Please review the completed work that was sent home, which we have already learned (Homework and Class Work).

• Our Specials Are: Monday- Gym; Tuesday- Technology; Wednesday- Spanish and Stream; Thursday-Music; Friday- Art.

Homework Assignments

** There are NO new “Spelling Words” OR “Sight Words” this week. Please review with your child the “spelling words” and “sight words” that we have already had. **

1. Math- Math Workbook Lesson 10-6

2. Phonics- Short Vowel/Long Vowel Worksheet

1. Math- Math Workbook Lesson 10-7

2. Grammar- Nouns/Verbs/Adjectives Worksheet

Wednesday: Read a book with your child.

Thursday: Holy Thursday. Read a book with your child.

Friday: Good Friday. Read a book with your child

Sunday, April 4- Easter Sunday. Happy Easter!!

Monday, April 12th- Classes Resumes.