Notes for the Week 09-19-2022

Dear Parents,

We have completed our first full week of fourth grade.  The children have settled in well and we are on our way to a successful year.

St, Stan’s has been invited to participate in a Rosary Rally.  If your child is participating in the rally on Tuesday, they must wear their full uniform.  No gym uniforms will be permitted.  Students that are participating have already submitted permission slips.

All children should come to school prepared with at least 3 sharped pencils.  No pencil sharpeners should be used in the classroom. 

Each morning students are given morning work.  Assignments include reading comprehension with a writing response, writing spelling words in cursive, and math skills review. All work is expected to be completed.

Please be sure that your child has a pencil case other than the plastic storage box.  The storage boxes will be used for holding crayons, glue, scissors, and colored pencils.  The storage boxes will be kept on a bookcase so that they will not take up space in a child’s desk.  I would appreciate a gallon bag being sent in until your child gets a pencil case.

Remind your children to use the bathroom before coming to school, The children go as a group at 10:50 and again at 12:50.  Our goal is to minimize bathroom use outside of those times.  Of course, a child will never be denied if they need to use the bathroom.


The children will begin their I-ready diagnostics this week.  I-ready is an important platform for assessing and differentiating work.  Please speak to your children and encourage them to do their best.  The results of the diagnostics will not be reflected on your child’s report card, however, it is a very important tool in guiding your child’s differentiated instruction.

I returned the multiplication quiz the children took and the grades have been entered on Facts.    I will give another multiplication fact quiz on Friday.  I will drop the lowest grade of the two.  Students are expected to be proficient in their multiplication facts.  Please be sure your child studies their facts every night.

I am sorry to say that some students have already missed homework assignments.  Beginning tomorrow, I will begin issuing infractions and posting missing assignments on Class Dojo.  Be sure to check daily.  Homework is posted on Class Dojo and on the website.



Notes for the week:

Monday, September 19

Weekly mass at 8:30



Tuesday, September 20


Wednesday, September 21


Thursday, September 22


Friday, September 23


Multiplication quiz on 4,6,7,8 and 9 tables.  Timed at 5 minutes.

Reading test on author’s purpose, cause and effect, and using information in the text to answer questions.

No spelling and vocabulary this week.