November 7-11, 2022

1st Grade Weekly Newsletter

Math- We will be solving addition problems using different strategies, solving different types of addition word problems, and critiquing the reasoning of others by using known information about addition and subtraction

Reading- We will be reading and responding to Election Day/Veteran’s Day,stories.

Phonics- We will be reviewing initial consonant blends words and rhyming words.

Listening- We will be reading “Election Day/Veteran’s Day” stories.

Writing- We will be continuing to focus on writing our numbers and letters correctly. Also, we will be beginning to learn about the steps in the “Writing Process.”

Social Studies- We will be discovering what is “Election Day” and the many ways that people show thanks for veterans on “Veteran’s Day.”

Science- We will be learning about “reptiles.”


• Please practice the sight words from Unit 1. The students will be assessed on all of them this week starting, November 7, 2022.
Week 1: see, a, his, I, is
Week 2: do, like, one, the, we
Week 3: are, by, look, was, you
Week 4: have, that, they, two, up
Week 5: as, he, three, to, with
Week 6: go, me, for, here, where

• The students will be having a Math test on “TOPIC 3” on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. Please review the completed work that was sent home, which we have already learned (Homework and Class Work).

• Our Specials Are: Monday- Spanish; Tuesday- Art; Wednesday- STREAM; Thursday- Mass and Music; Friday- Technology and Gym.


1. Math- Math Workbook Lesson 3-7
2. Go on “I-Ready” ELA (Pick Lessons: Blue Rectangle) for 15 minutes.

1. Math- Math Workbook Lessons 3-8 AND 3-9
2. Go on “I-Ready” ELA ( Pick Lessons: Blue Rectangle) for 15 minutes.

Thursday: Teacher Professional Day- No School!

Friday: Veteran’s Day- No School- Enjoy Your Weekend!!