Nursery Opening Letter

Hi Families !
Please be aware that for the FIRST THREE DAYS of school – Nursery requires a caregiver to attend with the child – we have a slow  and sensitive orientation for our children that prepares them for either half or full day . 
You will see MASS on Thursday’s schedule – Nursery does attend Mass regularly. After the first week or so we will attend with our 4th Grade Buddies. It is important that a caregiver accompany us that first day . Families are always welcomed to join us at Masses !  
See the schedule below – 
Nursery ALWAYS meets by the playground entrance near the church. 
Rainy day protocol is to come in side door at our arrival time 
Nursery Staff- Mrs Siguenza / Miss Debbie Colotti(am) Miss Mary Ceyko ( am) / Miss Susan Capitelli ( pm) 
Wednesday 9/4 
Day 1  8:45 – 9:45 
8:45 in the school yard 
Walk to classroom for room orientation , cubby orientation and Circle Time / Craft
*** Please bring  a family photo for your  child’s cubby ***
Dismissal 9:45 
Thursday 9/5 
Day 2 –  arrive 8:45. Orientation to Building especially BOTH Bathrooms with Caregiver 
9:15-9:35. Table Toys / Open Play with caregiverand Teachers 
10 am MASS 
Dismissal after mass 
Friday 9/6 
Arrival at 8:10 to Playground weather permitting 
* when it rains we play in the GYM* 
8:50 Bathroom with caregivers waiting 
9 am Snack for all of us ** please bring a small healthy snack**
9:20 All over rest with caregivers 
9:30 SEPARATION TIME – Open Play – Circle and Craft 
Caregivers may complete office work or go for coffee and return a few minutes before 10:30 dismissal from our MaIN DOOR  
REGULAR SCHEDULE begins Monday 9/9
Session 1 : 8:10 – 11:10 
Full Day : 8:10-2:50 
**** a schedule of daily/ weekly classes/ activities  will be posted on website page and is available on our room door ****
Thank you for noting !
So excited to start !
❤️Mrs S