Saturday, November 2 Fourth Grade

Dear Parents,

All Saints Day was AMAZING.  I am extremely proud of the children.  Their portrayal of the saints and reverent behavior was noted by many people. 

My thanks for all of the hard work parents put into the costumes.  The children looked wonderful.

I have noticed that some students do not have sharpened pencils.  Please ask your child about their supply.  Each child is required to have 3 sharpened pencils every day.

Students also need to have an inexpensive pair of earbuds they can leave in school.  I would appreciate all students having earbuds by Monday.

Following are some notes for the week:

Monday, November 4

Math review packet is due

Tuesday, November 5

Sentences for vocabulary words due

(this homework was originally assigned last week, however, it was postponed due to my absence)

For your convenience, I am listing the vocabulary and spelling words at the end of this email.

Wednesday, November 6

Spelling Test on Plum Creek Words

Thursday, November 7

Math Unit test on Topics 1-4-I recommend going through the workbook on the following topics and using the pages for the topics listed as study aids.

Topic 1-4 Distributive Property

Topic 1-6 Meanings of Division

Topic 2-2 Number Sequences

Topic 2-3 Extending Tables

Topic 2-4 Writing Rules for Situations

Topic 2-6 Act it Out

Topic 3-2 Place Value Relationships

Topic 3-4 Ordering Numbers

Topic 3-5 Rounding Whole Numbers

Topic 3-6 Make an Organized List

All of Topic 4

Spelling for On the Banks of Plum Creek

  1. Sweet
  2. Each
  3. Three
  4. Least
  5. Freedom
  6. Below
  7. Throat
  8. Float
  9. Foam
  10. Flown
  11. Greet
  12. Season
  13. Croak
  14. Shallow
  15. Eagle
  16. Indeed
  17. Rainbow
  18. Grown
  19. Seaweed
  • Hollow



On the Banks of Plum Creek Vocabulary

Badger-a burrowing, flesh-eating animal

Bank-the rising ground at the edge of a lake, river, or sea

Bristled-stood up straight, as hair or fur

Jointed-having one or more places where two things or parts come together

Patched-mended with a scrap of material

Ruffled-made to look as if trimmed with strip of material gathered together

Rushes-marsh plants with hollow stems.