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 Welcome to the 2nd Grade class page!    – Mrs. Gagliardo

 Monday             Computer

 Tuesday              Gym, Music

Wednesday        Stream, Spanish

Thursday            Mass & Library

Friday                  Music & Art                                              Please check Dashboard for Homework

Homework Week of March 9

Posted on March 8, 2020


Spelling: place words in alphabetical order.

Math: pgs. 471-472

Science: worksheet

Religion: chapter 10 review quiz Friday.

Field trip tomorrow.


Spelling: use words 1-6 in sentences.

Math: Test on Money Today

Social Studies: Answer questions 3-5 on p. 189. Complete in SS notebook.


Spelling: use words 7-12 in sentences.

Math: pgs. worksheet

Religion: study chapter 10


Spelling: write each word 3x in cursive

Math:  practice using clock.

Religion: chapter 10 quiz tomorrow.

Children must wear gym uniforms for the field trip on Tuesday. Lunch will be eaten upon returning to school.


Homework week of February 24

Posted on February 24, 2020


ELA: RWN. p. 301

Spelling: Place words in alphabetical order.

Math: pgs. 425-426

Math test on Topic 7 Friday.

Religion test on chapters 8-9 next Wednesday. Study sheet will be sent home.

Homework Week of February 10th

Posted on February 10, 2020


Homework should be done in cursive.

Spelling: write words in alphabetical order.

Math: pgs. 395-396

Science: Study for Chapter 2 test on Friday.


Spelling :sentences using words 1-6

Math: pgs. 401-402

Science: Study


Spelling: use words 7-12 in sentences.

Math: pgs: 407-408


Spelling: write words 2x in script and 1x in print.

Math: pgs. 413-414

Science: test tomorrow


Math: pgs. 419-420

February History Project due on Wednesday February 26th

Practice handwriting during the break.






Week of February 3

Posted on February 4, 2020


Spelling : place spelling words in alphabetical order. 

write one time in cursive and one time in print.

Math: worksheets 6-3&6-4

Social Studies: study for test.


Spelling: use words 1-6 in sentences.

Try your best to write in cursive.

Math: worksheets 6-6 & 6-7



Spelling: use words 7-12 in sentences.

Math:6-8 &6-9


Spelling : write each word 2x in print 1x in cursive.

Math: review worksheets for tomorrows test.

Social Studies: review study sheet for tomorrows test.


Tests Friday:

Math test chapter 6

Social Studies test chapter 5

Spelling Test

*Science chapter 2 Test February 14

We will have a St. Valentines Day celebration in class.

Please feel free to send in a snack for the class.

Have a wonderful Week!


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