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 Welcome to the 2nd Grade class page!    – Mrs. Gagliardo

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 Tuesday         Stream

Wednesday    Gym & Spanish

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Homework Week of November 16th

Posted on November 16, 2020


ELA: Complete the Weekly Reader titled, “Beavers on the Go.”

Spelling: Place words in alphabetical order: pay, break, brain, great, paint, Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Math: complete the worksheet.

review Topic 3. Test Friday


ELA: complete Weekly Reader titled: “Good Job Veterans!”

Spelling: use words 1-5 in sentences.

Math: complete worksheet

Science: complete p. 95


ELA: complete the Weekly Reader: “I Am Thankful!”

Spelling: use words 6-10 in sentences.

Math: complete worksheets.


Spelling: write words 3X. Test tomorrow.

Religion: complete p. 114-and 117. Test tomorrow. 

Math: complete workstheets. Math test tomorrow.

November 23rd Social Studies vocabulary test will be given: 

Study the following vocabulary words: government, rights, vote, freedom.

The Bill of Rights, law, court , consequence.

Please keep all Social Studies packets in folder. Do not go ahead and complete pages unless assigned. Thank you.

Homework Week of November 9th

Posted on November 8, 2020


ELA: Log on to I Ready in Reading for one hour.

Spelling: Place spelling words in Alphabetical order.

you’ll, I’ll, he’s, isn’t, wasn’t, she’s, don’t, what’s, we’re, you’re

Math: complete pgs.39-40

Science: study for test on Topic 2.


ELA: Log on to I Ready for one hour.

Spelling: use words 1-10 in sentences.

Math: complete pgs. 41-42


Veterans Day

Science Test tomorrow. Study Topic 2.


ELA: log onto I ready reading for 1 hour.

Spelling : write each word 3x. Test tomorrow.

Math: complete pgs. 43-44

Religion: complete p. 104. Study for test.

Homework Week of November 2

Posted on November 1, 2020


ELA: Begin the booklet on Voting due on Wednesday.

Spelling: place words in alphabetical order.

cart, mark, garden, forest, roar, core, tore, chore, fort, board

Math: complete pgs. 31-32

Science: complete the activity on p. 63 


ELA: complete the book on Voting. Due tomorrow

Spelling: use words in sentences 1-5.

Math: complete pgs. 33-34


ELA: Begin the “About the President” book. Due on Friday.

Spelling: use words 6-10 in sentences.

Math: complete pgs. 35-36


ELA: Presidential Book due tomorrow.

Spelling: write each word 3X.

Math: complete pgs. 37-38

Religion: chapter 25 test tomorrow.  Complete pgs. 292-293

Homework Week of October 26, 2020

Posted on October 25, 2020


ELA: Using your small storybook, look at the illustrations and make predictions about the story. Write your responses in your ELA notebook. Next, read the story . Were your predictions close what actually happened in the story?

Spelling: place words in alphabetical order. Babies, dropped, lunches, smiled, taking, boxes, dropping, notes, switches, tunes.

Math: complete pgs. 27-28 Review Topic 2 test on Wednesday.

Science: complete p. 49


ELA: using the same small storybook, write the main idea of the story and list three details.

Spelling: use words 1-5 in sentences.

Math: complete pgs. 29-30. Test tomorrow on topic 2.


ELA: using the same storybook, write a review on the story. 

Discuss in your writing if you liked the story. Why or why not.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?

Spelling: use words 6-10 in sentences.


ELA: using your storybook. write a different ending to the story in your ELA notebook.

Spelling: write each word 3X. Test tomorrow



We will celebrate Halloween on Friday. Children may dress in orange or black. If you are sending a treat, please do not write children’s names on thm. This takes too much time when distributing. Treats will be sent home.

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