Tuesday, May 14 Fourth Grade

Homework  Monday, May 13, 2019

Math Test on Friday, May 17.

Math review packet due on Wednesday, May 15

Math R13-4

Social Studies pop quiz-each question is worth 25 pts.

What was the result of the Sale of land by Red Jacket?

What made the following cities important?




Writing passage using vocabulary words and cause and effect due on Tuesday.


fouled-in sports, made an unfair play against an opposing player

hoop-a ring or a round, flat band

jersey-a shirt that is pulled over the head, made of a soft, knitted cloth

marveled-be filled with wonder, be astonished

rim-an edge, border

speechless-not able to talk

swatted-hit sharply or violently

unbelievable-incredible, hard to think of as true or real

Students should bring a personal supply of tissues.

Students must come to school with at least 3 sharpened pencils