Week of February 3


Spelling : place spelling words in alphabetical order. 

write one time in cursive and one time in print.

Math: worksheets 6-3&6-4

Social Studies: study for test.


Spelling: use words 1-6 in sentences.

Try your best to write in cursive.

Math: worksheets 6-6 & 6-7



Spelling: use words 7-12 in sentences.

Math:6-8 &6-9


Spelling : write each word 2x in print 1x in cursive.

Math: review worksheets for tomorrows test.

Social Studies: review study sheet for tomorrows test.


Tests Friday:

Math test chapter 6

Social Studies test chapter 5

Spelling Test

*Science chapter 2 Test February 14

We will have a St. Valentines Day celebration in class.

Please feel free to send in a snack for the class.

Have a wonderful Week!