What A Musical Week!

Last week was Catholic Schools Week and what a success it was! Here at St. Stan’s we had a week packed with fun and many musical events. 

On Tuesday, Bishop Witold Mroziewski visited our school and the St. Stan’s Players and the school choir were accompanied by our our newly formed house band in a performance of “The Creed.” Our students sang in English, Spanish, Polish, Gaelic and Italian! Check out the video here:

Video Highlight of The Creed performed for Bishop Witold during his visit for Catholic Schools Week 2019

St. Stan’s also premiered our new commercial for St. Stanislaus Kostka CAQN featuring our school song, “Happy To Be At St. Stan’s.” You can see that commercial here:

A Day at St. Stan’s – A Video Tour

On Wednesday we had an in-school Talent Show where our students showed off their talents (many of them musical!) to their fellow classmates. Our official show was on Friday evening where parents and other family members were invited to come watch our brilliant performers light up the St. Stan’s stage. 


Stay tuned for more magical musical moments at St. Stan’s!