Work for Monday, March 23 Fourth Grade

Work for Monday, March 23

Welcome to Week 2!

Fourth Grade Assignments:

Google Classroom-

Take  attendance between 9 and 10 am.  You will not be permitted to respond after 10 am.

Prayers and Pledge

Google Meeting at 10:30 am


Math        Work MUST BE DONE BY 10!

Google Classroom

Watch Video

Work on the Jamboard



Google Classroom-Science

Students should go to the Google Classroom and follow the assignments

I have posted a video on how to complete the work.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN WATCH IT.

Complete the 3 Assignments that are listed. 

Should be completed by 5:00 on Monday



Google Classroom-ELA

Watch the video

Reading Textbook-read pages 174-175

Answer the cause and effect digital worksheet.-page 109

Work on the vocabulary that is assigned in Google Classroom



Google Classroom

Read pages 68-69

Answer the questions on the Google Doc

What is reconciliation?

What did Jesus encourage the people to do?