Work for Wednesday, March 25

Work for Wednesday, March 25

Fourth Grade Assignments:


Google Classroom-Homeroom 4

Take  attendance between 9 and 10 am.  You will not be permitted to respond after 10 am.

Prayers and Pledge

Google Meeting at 10:30      I will put the link up in the Homeroom 4 Classroom



Important-I will have a small group Math meeting at 12:00.  Check my comments on the Math Classroom.  I will send a message to the students I want to see.  If I ask for you, YOU MUST BE THERE!


Math        Work MUST BE DONE BY 10!

Google Classroom

Watch Video

Work on the Jamboard

IXL- work on G8K Interpret Line Plots.—you must do this assignment. Work until you master!

Small Group Math Meeting at 12:00



IXL-We now have access to Science on IXL

Work on the following:

XLC-Identifying living and non-living things

7MA-Identifying mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians

ADG-Identifying vertebrates and invertebrates

NUA- Use evidence to classify mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians


Google Classroom

Google Classroom-ELA-

Envision it! Animation: Cause and Effect

Play the video – when you are finished click the blue box with a check in it.

You will be prompted to turn it in.  Turn it in.


Vocabulary Activities

Work on Vocabulary Cards-there are six slides at the bottom-please do all six.  Some of you may have already done it.  Please work on this again. Be sure to click on the blue box with the check in it.


Journal Word Bank

Write one sentence for each of the words listed.  Sentences should be grade appropriate.


Spelling City

Go to

with your Google sign-on

Do the activities assigned!